Roofing SEO in Rosamond, Illinois

Cloudy Zebra SEO is excited to make known that we are currently accepting one roofing contractor to do business with in and around Rosamond, Illinois. We also work with other home service company owners. We will only be working with one business in Rosamond so that we can help take over the local search results for your company and will not assist your competition. If you are looking for how to grow your roofing business, how to increase clients or just make more profit roofing, than we may want to work with you. You must have an established roofing business and be able to accept additional clients every month. You also must have a site, but we will help with roofing website design


Here’s a video clip showing all the potential for money to be made ranking your roofing business online in one area in N.Y. We’ll perform the research for your roofing business in Rosamond completely free, just click here.
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What we will do for your roofing marketing

  • Throughout our relationship we will increase clients to your roofing company in Illinois. We do this using SEO for roofing contractors utilizing social media, listings, business listings and links.
  • Aid you grow your Rosamond roofing business so you make more money each month with Proven roofers marketing.
  • Review your website and optimize the wording and images to market your company to new clients.
  • We will also make an auto feature to assist you post across many social media platforms at the same time so you do not have to copy and paste your messages across a group of websites.
  • This will naturally help you rank better in Google and the maps display.
  • Why would you want to rank higher on search results?

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75% of ALL clicks are from the top 5 results for a search term

Only 11%-15% click on Paid Advertisements in the search results

Google Ranking SEO

Example- Searches for 5 search terms related to Roofing Contractors around Albany, NY

  • Possible search per month 650
  • 260 searches closing at 4%
  • 10 New Clients permonth
  • $5,000 each lifetime client
  • $50,000 each month in lifetime revenue
  • $600,000 per year obtainable in lifetime revenue

*roofers, roofing contractor, roofing contractors, metal roof, metal roofing
That is just 1 roofing search term group, numbers will vary based on location and competition. We will be ranking several search terms. You don’t need to be #1 to start seeing profitable results, as the number of related search terms that rank on 1st page will grow traffic and clients over time.
A lot Rosamond contractors shell out $2-4+ thousand a month on lead generation services that provide leads of varying quality. Once ranking and maintained, SEO provides an natural and perpetual flood of clients to your business.

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This is why internet marketing is the best Return On Investment online for Roofers SEO… for those who successfully rank like we do.

  • We Grow Roofing Businesses for their target search terms in their local service area with roof repair marketing
  • Will organically start ranking for dozens of related terms, increasing your clients
  • We go above your competitors and other marketing services by…


Making an Online EMPIRE and a Social Fortress for Roofing Websites


Social media websites used to build a social fortress to market a roofing contractor.
Roofing SEO with social media marketing. serving

Rosamond, IL

Google prefers to see companies go out and brand themselves, it builds trust and authority to your company and website. This is the best technique for Google, Bing, and Yahoo to take your business seriously.

Business listings and directories for additional roofing lead

  • Your company will be listed in the largest business listings and directory sites with your Name, Address and Telephone number which helps you rank higher and get more clients.
  • Your company will be added to roofing authority directories that assist with roof repair seo.
  • We will discover local directories in Rosamond, IL and have your business listed on them as well.



  • Online reviews are important. Over Eighty percent of persons surveyed say they look for online reviews before buying.
  • We will assist Your company to gain more positive reviews on Yelp, Facebook and Google. Arguably the 3 most important review websites.
  • We make sure your company has the links and log in info for all of them so that your company can bring them to your best clients.


The Time to Rank your Rosamond roofing company is NOW

  • Your competition has a head start. We’ll catch your business up and then surpass them
  • We engage in Proven Compliant, Safe, Powerful and results driven processes
  • We only work for 1 roofing customer in a service area or city


Let us Bring your Roofing Website from the wrong side of the tracks to the happening hotspot online!


Need additional reasons to work with Cloudy Zebrafor your roofing contractor marketing?

We have years experience growing local businesses and national companies with internet marketing and online media. You can read about our team members here. We do our work in house right here in the good old US so you don’t have to fear about broken English emails or telephone calls from our business. We’re taking 1 business for roofer marketing in Rosamond.


  • Matt’s a Google Partner and certified
  • He is also an approved Professional by Linkedin with 43 recommendations at the point of this screen capture.

Matt Martoccio Google Certified Partner

A few of Steven’s and Matt’s recommendations

Steven Vasquez SEO




Some of our Previous Rankings

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Roofing Video Ranking SEO

Items to expect for your roofer marketing:

  • Monthly Status Reports
  • One On Demand telephone call every month
  • Time to rank changes in each town, and each client have specific needs and we customize our plan of attack for every individual business, this isn’t cookie cutter roofing marketing.
  • You will send accurate business information, send access to your businesses social media and other accounts, pictures and videos from your business.


FAQ’s on Roofer SEO

How long will it take to Rank MY Roofing Business?

That really is different on your town and the near-by competition. We generally begin to see movement in the 2’nd month and expect top five results within six to 9 months. There are no guaranteed time frame, as Google can and does change its ranking algorithm, but we only utlize the proven processesmethods Googles likes to see companies do to rank.

How long of a commitment do you have to engage in?

We only do month to month contracts. Why should you be stuck with Cloudy Zebra if it is not a good mutual fit? Month to Month agreements are our standard and we re-evaluate when your roofing business is ranking in the top five results for your local city.


Ready to Make more Money with marketing for roofers?

We only work with 1 Roofing business per area so don’t watch until it is too late!


Get a natural and perpetual source of high quality clients while building your brand, business, and revenue online.


Click below NOW to begin now with SEO for Roofers.




Click here, submit your company information and schedule a telephone call with Steve and Matt to see how we can help you raise your Rosamond roofing company.


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Roofing SEO And Marketing Servicing Rosamond, IL US

Cloudy Zebra SEO provides search engine optimization marketing for roofers. Roofing SEO is our expertise to bring a consistent stream of new leads and revenue for roofing contractors. We also design high quality roofing websites in

Rosamond,Illinois US.

Roofing SEO And Marketing Service.
Success in Roofing SEO.

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Cloudy Zebra SEO

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Cloudy Zebra SEO will dominate the competition for your local business with cutting edge search engine optimization techniques that Google loves including video creation. We will use internet marketing to dominate Google page 1 and get you ranked in Google Snack Pack with our elite SEO services. Our local Albany area SEO agency is here to help you grow. Monthly contracts mean we donít try to suck you in for years at a time. Cloudy Zebra SEO gives you a plan of attack unique for your company to grow and we reevaluate with you after several months. We work with small businesses and large corporations but only work with a handful at a time to ensure every client gets the time they deserve. We also will only work with one niche in an area so no need to worry about us ranking you and your competitor down the road.

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